Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to properly have good service maintainance of your perodua vehicle?

Please share and comments your thougths and experience the perodua car.


  1. Online Booking Service Appointment- follow this link.form below

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    1. Parts (pending order/availability)
    2. Maintenance Service Repair (Package/Quotation)
    3. Body Repair and Respray (Insurance claim and related)
    4. Warranty Claim
    5. Breakdown service / Technical Assistance [hints & tips]

  2. Why my Car's tyre always need to change? when i should send for tyre maintenance!

  3. Car tyre averagely will wear start from 7000km to 10000km. You can see front tyre wearing about 5-20% then while at the rear 5-9%. To save your tyre cost you need to do the balancing, rotation and alignment during the period of range from 7000km to 10000km. The least you can do is carry out the balancing and rotation(exchange position of the tyre). Tyre use can last up to 40,000km - 50,000km..depends on the quality brand and the driver's him/herself.